5 gold questions to answer before starting a video project

video production behind the scenes

Sometimes the video productions for digital marketing are not really in focus, and they don’t reach the results you’ve expected

Here there are the 5 gold questions you should ask before starting a video production:

1.What is the purpose of the video ?

Before starting any video project, you should ask what you want to accomplish

 2.Who is the viewer ?

This is probably the most important question: you are not shooting a video for yourself. You are shooting a video for the client of your business. Who they are? What they wants? Will they recognize into the story?

Remember: “When you try to reach everyone, you reach no one !

3. How close are the viewers to taking action?

How aware are the viewers they need the products or services you are offering?

How much convincing is gonna take them to take actions?

4. How can we tell a story that really compels action?

5. Where and how should we put the video online for biggest impact?


Once you have these questions clear, contact us!

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