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professional live streaming service

Broadcast live on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin

Polaris Video Service deals with professional live streaming on the most common social network channels or on your website with private access, using the most reliable dedicated software and hardware.

We make complete footage and recordings of:

  • webinars
  • video courses
  • conferences
  • congresses
  • videoconferences
  • institutional meetings
  • concerts
  • events and much more
live streaming management for web broadcasting

Live webinar on Zoom or dedicated web space

Organize your free or paid webinar reserved for registered users. You can broadcast it confidentially in a dedicated Zoom Room or on a private webspace with personalized access. It will therefore be easy to profile the users who follow the live broadcast

Broadcast your live streaming on the main social channels with our technical support. It is also possible to broadcast a live stream simultaneously on multiple platforms.

green screen studio in Roma

Live recording

Live recording of the event with professional cameras and lights in a customized studio designed for you if required, broadcasting, management and personalization of the live broadcast with the direction of interventions and contributions and graphic customization

live streaming management

Live streaming management

Event management with participants all connected remotelydirection, broadcasting, graphic customization and management of video and slide contributions, integration with simultaneous tranlsaction

professional zoom webinar

Location and chroma key

We have several locations with dedicated spaces for your live shows, where we can set up backdrops with green screens and lights

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Do you want to broadcast your event in live streaming and do you want an immediate quote?

Send us an mail or fill out the the form at the bottom of the page, indicating:

  • Event date
  • Location
  • Number of cameras required
  • Number of speakers
  • Need to broadcast PPT presentations in the room and stream
  • Need to manage PPT presentations
  • Guests connected remotely
  • Request for customized graphics
  • Live broadcast on the hall screen
  • Need for microphones and speakers
  • Need for lights
  • Need for screens or fittings

The key to the success in communication is engagement, connecting continuously with the audience, and being live with the updates, especially today. The more openly a brand or organization communicates, the more reliability it achieves in the internet age. As reliability grows, so does customer’s loyalty and conversion. Inevitably, it takes the communication to a new level, reaching out to even a wider audience. Such is the power of viral marketing that it can even give rise to a radical change, making your brand a cultural phenomenon in the niche you want.

Live streaming is a crucial component of viral marketing, an effective medium to keep your communication at the forefront of the customer’s psyche. It is the most integrated way to reach your audience, to turn your event into a global one. With the right strategy and tools for web streaming, none of your events needs to remain confined to the location. Instead, it can be broadcasted globally, reaching out to both regular and potential customers and allowing them to participate in the discussion live.

Web streaming is fast and cost-effective and can be an excellent tool for webinars, conferences, video tutorials, meetings, concerts, events, press conferences, and whatnot!

“Now we are all connected by the Internet, like the neurons of a giant brain.” Stephen Hawking

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Knowing how to capitalize on existing streaming platforms is a key aspect in the success of communications and viral marketing.

Polaris Video Service deals with professional live streaming services in Italy on the most common web channels (Facebook, Youtube,Instagram) with the most reliable software and dedicated hardware.

We have wide experience in broadcast and web TV production, providing solutions for any budget

Through a mobile setup and a set of high-definition cameras dedicated to the streaming, we are able to broadcast simultaneously on multiple platforms.

Thanks to our experience, gained over the years through collaboration with professionals throughout Italy and Europe, we are able to meet any need of our customers in a professional manner.

Put us to the test, contact us for information on our prices and get a personalized quote: you will discover an excellent value for money and a team of professionals able to turn your ideas into reality!

We are based in Rome but we can conduct professional live streaming of any events, meetings, concerts, conferences, etc. everywhere in Italy and Europe.

Empowered by the latest technologies, hardware, and software solutions, our expert producers will take your event to all the popular web channels live on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or your website with private access.

We have years of experience in Web productions and broadcasting live events collaborating with international experts. Whether you want a high-definition camera setup, chroma-key installation, or just mobile streaming, we can meet all your specific needs. In parallel to broadcasting, we can record your events too for future viewing.

So, get in touch now and enjoy the excellent quality and value for your next professional live streaming!

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