Professional live streaming services in Italy

Polaris Video Service deals with professional live streaming on the most common web channels (Facebook, Youtube, Instagramor on your website with private access, using the most reliable dedicated software and hardware.

We make complete footage and recordings of webinars, video courses, conferences, congresses, videoconferences, institutional meetings, concerts, events and much more

Live recording and streaming

Live recording of the event with professional cameras and lights (possibility of setup in chroma key to create a virtual studio), broadcasting, management and personalization of the live broadcast with the direction of interventions and contributions, graphic customization

Live streaming management

Event management with participants all connected remotelydirection, broadcasting, graphic customization and management of video and slide contributions

Location and chroma key

We have several locations with dedicated spaces for your live shows, where we can set up backdrops with green screens and lights

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The ability to be relevant today is measured on how much we are able to be continuously live in our communications. The frequency with which we update, and the ease with which we involve our community of followers, will translate into the ability to reach an ever wider audience. The power of viral marketing is undeniable.

Web streaming is the fastest and most integrated way to convey your message or to share an important event, but also to open up to crucial communications and the active participation of your audience.

“Now we are all connected by the Internet, like the neurons of a giant brain.” Stephen Hawking

Knowing how to capitalize on existing streaming platforms is a key aspect in the success of communications and viral marketing.

Polaris Video Service deals with professional live streaming services in Italy on the most common web channels (Facebook, Youtube,Instagram) with the most reliable software and dedicated hardware.

We have wide experience in broadcast and web TV production, providing solutions for any budget

Through a mobile setup and a set of high-definition cameras dedicated to the streaming, we are able to broadcast simultaneously on multiple platforms.

Thanks to our experience, gained over the years through collaboration with professionals throughout Italy and Europe, we are able to meet any need of our customers in a professional manner.

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