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Not only do we film concerts and cinematic releases and after-parties, as well as the film being shown, but we also work with the artist to create the ideal “behind-the-scenes” production. With Polaris Video Service we guarantee an original and finely crafted product that is an added value to the film, concert, short film or other production.
Our production and post-production services allow for the artistic combination of feature video shots of the film or concert, interviews, back-story and historical prospective, the “life and times” of the artist and their artistic journey from beginning to present – combining moments of work of the protagonists of the event, stolen moments and interviews, all expertly mounted and accompanied by an ear-catching soundtrack .

"I'm famous for launching watermelons, behind the scenes, to people who tell me things I do not want to hear. But I never aimed at the head. " Tori Amos

Thanks to our experience, gained over the years through the collaboration with professionals throughout Italy and Europe, we are able to meet any need of our customers in a professional manner.
The final product can be provided for streaming online on the artist’s site or for full cinematic release in HD. We have all of the tools and experience to provide you with the best product from start to finish.
Put us to the test, contact us for information on our prices and get a personalized quote: you will discover an excellent quality / price ratio and a team of professionals able to turn your ideas into reality!

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