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A lot of things go into organizing a wedding ceremony: choosing the attire, selecting the venue, arranging the glitzy decor, catering the right foods and drinks. And it pays off invariably, creating an occasion that happens once in a lifetime, a memory to hold on to when the going gets tough, something to cherish forever. So, it won’t be fair if you can live it only once, just on the day of the occasion.

Fortunately, a wedding videos can capture the event inside-out, keeping the stories alive in the reels and often giving them a narrative to make the wedding feel like a work of entertaining art. So, when you play it back, whether alone or among friends, you can witness everything unfold in front of your eyes all over again; the declaration, the preparation, the ceremony – sometimes even from a perspective you haven’t seen before. Wedding videos can easily take you back down memory lane, immersing yourself in the day of making the eternal vow with your beloved.

However, choosing experienced wedding videographers with high-end technical tools is crucial to creating a wedding video worthy of your life’s most precious moments.

Keep Your Wedding Memories Alive Forever

At Polaris Video Service, we bring quality videography to your big day so that you can remember all of the joy in high definition. Our state of the art videography services provides you with everything that you need in order to remember the highlights of your happiest memories surrounded by loved ones.

We are happy to provide your event with two talented videographers who know how to catch the perfect shot of every important moment.

They will be right by your side every step of the way with top of the line camera equipment including stabilizers and environmental audio gathering tools designed to authentically capture everything happening during each stage of your wedding day.

In fact, if you are looking to have an even more unique point of view when recalling the beauty of your ceremony, we offer aerial shots utilizing drone technology that can be seamlessly integrated with all of the ground footage.

We can also live stream you wedding, for those who cannot reach the location!

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Declaration, preparation, the ceremony, are unique and indelible moments of your life that deserve to be narrated and remembered forever. Capturing emotions, capturing your looks, perceiving your joy and the one of the people you love is our mission.

We all know that there is more to recreating a memory using video footage than merely playing the clips or viewing the photos. This is why at Polaris Video Service, we offer not only a full videography experience designed to capture all of your cherished memories, but a comprehensive video editing service where we have industry professionals taking all of the footage.

Our videographers have collected and edited it into a seamless recreation of your big day using the best techniques availableOur editors use modern video editing tools and styles to make sure that your footage is compiled in a way that truly represents the magic of your event. Each film includes background music to truly bring the video to life in a way that captures the essence of your wedding day.

There are few days in a person’s life that are as important as their wedding day, which is why we are committed to ensuring that your precious moments are preserved forever. We love what we do, and we take pride in our work. We look forward to helping you remember your big day for years to come.

"Women cry on their wedding day. The men the day after” Boris Makaresko

Rooted in Rome, a city of incredibly creative and artistic heritage, Polaris Video Service offers a state of the art wedding videography service for your special day. Our talented videographers possess exceptional technical abilities to capture every moment and emotion of the happiest event.

Equipped with high-end camera gears and stabilization tools, they can focus on letting their creativity shine through. Together with their experience, it always translates into an authentically told wedding story like no other, a story truly yours. You can also use drone technologies to enjoy everything up and above, raising the scale of your wedding day.

At Polaris Video Service, we also have a professional editing suite with experienced video editors. Our editors add background music and video effects to give your wedding memories an entertaining narrative. So, trust our professional wedding videographers and keep your wedding day alive forever.

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