Polaris Video Service is a video production company in Italy.
Headquartered in Rome, we produce custom video and photo shoots for customers world-wide.
Our international clients rely on us for high-quality, high-res, professional video production in-country.

When production services are required in Italy, our producers are able to handle virtually anything required from licenses, location-scouting, auditioning, set-construction, and more pre-production services to full-production from film and photography to drone operatorssteady-cam, direction, audio, make-up, pre production and more.  We also offer a full range of post-production services.

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Video Production

From the ideation, to the location search, to the shooting and to the post-production to get to the finished product you want

Aerial Video

Professional aerial film production using poles, drones, balloons, cable cams and airplane

Video web streaming

Web Live Streaming

Promote your message worldwide to a global audience through platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook.

riprese video 360 gradi

VR360 Video

The Reality in a 360 ° immersive virtual environment. A unique and engaging experience: the future, now.

uomo live con cappello e mano in aria

Video Editing

We offer a wide range of professional post-production and video editing services for every need

giovane in skate con pc asus

Professional Photography

Professional aerial and traditional photography for high-resolution images for web sites, brochures, product catalogs, etc

We are your mind’s eye!

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We show to the world the best of you!

Why make a video? It is the most effective way to tell the world what you do!
In the “Internet Age” information travels fast and visual communication plays an essential role. We add value to your brand image using the latest technologies to ensure effective communication of your company’s message.

The production of a promotional video is a fast and attractive mode of displaying your services. Show your best side!

Polaris Video Service is Rome-based, catering to small to large businesses and to individuals , but has a network of collaborators in Rome, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Turin, Venice, Naples and throughout Europe.

We have been operating for several years in the making videos with drones, aerial shots, promotional videos, corporate videos, commercials and promotional videos for hotels and real estate companies.

If you are looking for an experienced video production service with professional operators in Rome or throughout Italy can rely upon the expertise of Polaris Video Service.

Whether you desire a professional corporate video, a journalistic interview, aerial drone footage, music videos, short-films, commercials, documentaries or personal events (such as weddings and vacations), our team is ready to help from planning to production to the final product.

We also offer the ability for live and on-demand web-streaming.
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Don't Tell Them; Show Them!

No one tends to listen in the modern age, no matter what you do. With multitudes of visual mediums hovering across the eyesight, why would they? But if nobody enjoys listening, how would you tell the world what you are doing? How would you introduce yourself and tell them what you do? But instead of scratching for answers, why don’t you just show them?

A video can tell a thousand stories.

An efficient medium of visual communication, you can make videos to show anything you want. Videos and photos travel fast and can help create an authentic image for your brands and events, and everything else. The magic of videos is that they can make everything feel alive and entertaining, engaging the audience with comprehensive sensory stimuli.

And if you use the right producer with the right technologies, your videos would be the most reliable communication medium on the internet. The production isn’t that difficult either, especially with the help of a professional video production service like Polaris. Our excellent producers will guide you every step of the way of creating engaging videos. So, why tell them when you can show them what you are about!

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