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Video interview for medical disclosure

Posted 02/03/2021 by in news

Video interviews can be useful for spreadingpromoting and storytelling

There are many aspects that must be taken into account when making a video interview, from those purely technical and logistical, to those related to lighting and audio recording.

Knowing how to put the interviewee comfortable, giving clear indications on the type of filming that we will achieve and how to behave, plays a key role in the success of the final storytelling.

There are common aspects in the realization of video interviews, such as to create empathy with the interviewee, the choice of location, which will have to be functional to our final result, the light, the shots and the audio. All this care are applicable to any type of video interview, but today we want to focus on interviews in the medical-scientific field.

Interviews for the disclosure of medical science are an important tool both for professionals and for the spreading to a wider public.

Also in this case our most attention is placed on practical and organizational aspects, such as the quality of the lighting that results in a good video product, without neglecting and the audio that is the element, perhaps, most important.

A clean clear audio, without rustling and background noise is only possible with dedicated equipment that will avoid distracting the attention of the viewer, will help us to avoid having annoying noises for those who will listen to the interview, will avoid frequent cuts during editing, this will allow us to have a smoother interview.

video interviews for medical disclosure

video interviews

The use of cardioid microphones for the ambient noise reduction is crucial, for this type of interview. One of the best partner is the Lavalier microphone, as it is not intrusive in the scene and leave the hands free to the interviewee gives a clean audio, is quick to apply and easy to hide.

The choice of the background is very important and depends on what we want will appear on our scene, it should be related to the space in which we are and the type of atmosphere we want to create, combined  with the choosing the right lighting or background blur technique.

During the making of a video interview we use at least two shot and then at least two cameras, allowing us to make, in editing, cuts to the speech without noticing, through changes of frame that will also allow us to have more rhythm in our interview and not to bore the audience.

The positioning of the cameras is therefore crucial, as well as the correct positioning of the lights for a good photography.

Natural light should be handled with care, provided by the windows is counterproductive as after a few minutes can vary significantly. Even the artificial light present in the environment chosen for the interview , if the interview are not in a studio, must be used wisely, because it can have color dominants or a frequency that can be very annoying in the recording.

It is therefore essential to create lighting in the most appropriate way with professional spot and diffusion lights, according to the needs

The use of graphics and info-graphics in post-production can accompany the narrative making it clearer and more impactful.

In this interview, in line with the needs of the client, the interlocutor is not present and the interviewee is the protagonist for the entire video, a dry narration, a format that is very suitable for scientific dissemination, easily usable also in the educational field.

In this interview, committed from Takeda were used two 4K Panasonic GH5 Full HD cameras, one mounted on a slider, a radio microphone Lavalier controlled in headphones, and lighting designed specifically for the location, with a mixed use of natural light, artificial light and panel led, with a fuzzy and neutral background.

In conclusion, not all interviews are equal, and not all topics can be treated in the same way, but the choice of using the services of professionals will always be the only one that will guarantee the certainty of the result

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