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Nobody can be sure when humans first learned to tell stories, but they surely got hooked since they did—knowing that brands constantly try to captivate and connect with their customers with various brand storytelling methods. However, while stories seem to be the darling of every generation, it’s the form of telling them that consistently changes. Now, it’s the time for videos. Video storytelling can introduce a company or brand to its customers, communicate the mission, vision and objectives, and give an authentic look into the business; without bombarding information, without boring charts and graphs.

With video making as convenient as ever and social media platforms offering a plethora of mediums to view them, corporate brand storytelling videos form the backbone of any effective marketing plans for today’s world. The video still needs to be captivating, though, to harness its full potential. A dose of creativity will go a long way; so will the narrative style, the quality of the image, the choice of music, and the wording of the messages. And that’s why the production of corporate brand storytelling videos should be done professionally, with the help of experts who know the art of telling engaging video stories.

“No story lives if someone doesn't want to listen. ” J.K. Rowling

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With years of experience producing storytelling videos for brands, Polaris Video Service is renowned for creating unique promotional content. Along with the experiences, we also have an enduring passion for learning the latest development in advertising and responding to the time. But then again, only when these efforts translate into a creative and captivating corporate video for a brand is when they pay off, and we get to feel a little satisfied.

At Polaris Video Service, we have the know-how to make brand’s stories the driving force of a marketing campaign, creating awareness for the business. We also have the technical tools and expertise to tell those tales through the highest quality videos. So, if you need corporate videos for any digital marketing campaign, rely on Polaris. Whether it’s 10 seconds or 30 minutes long, your customers are sure to engage.

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Realizzazione di un video branded in un hotel di lusso a Venezia

Realizzazione di un video per un contest internazionale di comunicazione per Centri Commerciali

Realizzazione video per aziende tessili, con dettagli di macchinari industriali per la produzione

Realizzazione di video per aziende agro-alimentari, per una grande azienda agricola che si occupa di produzione e imballaggio. Riprese aeree con drone

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