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3 things you must know to become the best drone pilot

Posted 19/12/2019 by in news

How to become the best drone pilot

uomo che utilizza un drone che vola in alto


You want to become the best drone pilot? You stay on the right page.

Follow our tips to become the best or even a professional drone pilot.

First of all, it’s important to buy a small and economic drone and try to use it.

With your drone you can make the best aerial video or photographs. You can use it in your travels in the magnificent places you will visit or for some important event to create unforgettable memories.

Naturally, if you want to become a drone pilot to work in this area, there are several courses that you can follow.

In the working world there are various critical situations that man has to face, hostile situations such as road traffic surveillance, fire monitoring or video footage for any event, for example for weddings. Definitely less critical situations!

What are you waiting for? Let’s begin!



A good drone pilot knows how to fly in challenging conditions

uomo che si esercita con il drone per farlo volare


If you want to become a good drone pilot, you must know to fly in challenging conditions.

You must practice as much as possible and continue to improve yourself. Because it can happen to be in the presence of strong wind and to know the rules of the air.

We recommend starting to fly your drone in an open air space, like a field or park, but it’s important that you stay away from public places.

There are rules that distinguish between critical operations and non-critical operations. In non-critical operations the drones can to fly in uninhabited areas, where there is no danger for people and at a height that does not exceed 70 meters.

While for the critical operations, drones flying over areas full of people or homes, at a height that does not exceed 150 meters,

In Italy, the rules to fly are defined from ENAC, the National Authority for Civil Aviation.

But from July 2020 all the country in Europe will be under the European Authority, which is called EASA,

which will provide common rules for all the european countries


Drone must be insured

drone che viene fatto volare in cielo


Drone must be insured because there are high risk of crash while flying a drone.

A drone insurance can be very expensive but necessary, just as if you were driving a car. It’s important because if during the flight, your drone crashes into some person or property the cost of the damage is very hight.

There are various types of insurance, depending on what you need, and it is necessary because flying insured is a legal obligation above all for professional pilots and hobby flyers.

BUT if you use the drone as a hobby, the law says that you are not obliged to have a license, a medical examination and insurance. We recommend you to inform yourself.

You need to know the local laws and controlled airspaces, if there are any flight restrictions in your area.


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