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"I have often said that the call of flight is the call of beauty."

Amelia Earhart

We realize stunning aerial video shoots with drones, telescoping arms, airships, and cable cams for events, spots, movie productions, documentaries, etc. Polaris Video Service was one of the first licensed professional drone operators in Italy (ref .ENAC n° 3749).

We produce aerial footage for commercial videos for a wide array of clientele ranging from the automotive industry to luxury hotels, restaurants, resorts, and spas.  We also produce video for special events such as film releases and after-parties, documentaries, web series, television series and other customized film productions.

We utilize the best in drone technology including the DJI Phantom 3 PRO, 4 PRO, Inspire 1 , Inspire 2 Raw and we are able to bring in-flight cameras such as the GoPro, GH4, GH5, A7SII, Sony, Canon 5D MKIV for shooting in full HD and 4K.

For more information on renting our remotely piloted drones flown by professional operators contact us for a free quote or with any questions you may have.

Our aerial video production service is the ideal solution for professionals in the web, movie and television production as well as for professional services for inspections on behalf of engineers and architects as well as personal events like weddings and other special occasions.

Aerial video is a unique way of empowering your brand and relaying your message.

Stunning Images

We realize stunning aerial video shoots with drones, telescoping arms, airships, and cable cams for events, spots, movie productions, documentaries, etc.

Drone Advantages

What are the advantages to using Drones compared to other flying devices?

- Aerial video shots with with lower costs compared to other means: you could make a video drone production with a low budget;

- Eco-friendly video production: its electric engine has no emissions;

- Aerial shots require very short time preparation: a high-quality video shoot can be made in few hours;

- Original Aerial shots: the very small size of drones helps it to go very close to buildings and sometimes
inside them!

Custom Drone Video Production Services

We take aerial shootings of events, shows, concerts, weddings, using telescopic rods (mini cranes) and mini airships. In accordance with current ENAC regulations, it is not possible to shoot aerial photographs with drones near people's assemblies, or within a distance of 150 meters of inhabited areas.

Aerial video production throughout all of Italy

Polaris Video Service offers aerial shots, useful to make video or image galleries among all Italy.
Your aim is to amaze your audience? Explain us your wishes and we give more value to your brand with a
special custom service.

Aerial video shooting for commercial video

Polaris Aeroservice specializes in the production of aerial video for commercials, advertising, TV spots, promotional video for websites, online editorials, special projects, and more

Aerial video shooting for business spots

Polaris Aeroservice specializes in the production of showreel corporate video shows for the promotion of luxury and luxury hotels, wedding villas, farm holidays, spas and spa centers, and we are attending company events such as fairs, conferences, meetings.

Aerial video footage for documentaries, movies, webseries, journalism

With a wide choice of drones for movie uses, we can bring in camera guns like Gopro, GH4, Sony A7S, Canon 5D. On request, estimates for larger cameras are available

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