Casting and Location scouting in Italy

Pre-production can be a particularly frustrating phase of the journey of an audiovisual work, and it is also not clear that our agenda allows us to schedule every passage with the necessary times: it is precisely here that the help of those who can undress the screenplay in search of the perfect setting for every moment of our story, the exact face for each character.

“My experience with casting children is that ... the whole film will rest on their shoulders, so you have to put aside time and wait for the perfect people to appear.” Wes Anderson

A search possible thanks to the ability to understand how best to support every choice that will be made during shooting, because the settings are those that can embrace our images, and the cast has been selected fully understanding the needs and indications of the authors: this is how that choral work that is the audiovisual work will acquire the life we have always visualized in our dreams.

Polaris Video Service also offers you the casting and location manager service, carried out by experts in the trade able to find perfect faces and places for your project.

We can also provide you a fixer, which will manage all the authorization for every location.

Thanks to our experience, gained over the years through the collaboration with professionals throughout Italy and Europe, we are able to meet any need of our customers in a professional manner.

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