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Aerial shooting with drone: discovering the Alien Mysteries for History Channel in Val Camonica and Val di Susa

Posted 12/03/2021 by in Case History
Aerial shot of misterious graffiti for History Channel

Aerial view of mysterious graffiti in Val Camonica

For some years now, aerial shots with drones have become a custom, and have been widely used in film and television companies. Today, thanks to the low costs and the various solutions available, they can also be used in the most inaccessible situations, such as in the mountains and in the woods. For the satellite channel History Channel we took care of following the troupe in Val di Susa and Val Camonica in search of strange rock graffiti where traces of ancient civilizations suggest the presence of alien technologies. The shots from above were the right complement to the narration of the events related to the mysterious events that took place over the years on Mount Musinè and to the mysterious rock carvings in Val Camonica that you can see on Sky or on NowTV from here (Ep. 11 Season 12)

Ripresa aerea Monte Musinè

Vista aerea MOnte Musinè

The shots were taken with a Mavic 2 Pro, which thanks to its 1-inch sensor and the ability to record in 4K and 10bit, is also suitable for television-level productions. Furthermore, being small in size and weighing less than 2kg, it can be easily transported for long trails in the mountains and taken off from inaccessible locations, unlike larger drones, as well as being able to fly even in difficult situations such as inside a forest.

Aerial shot of stone wheels for Ancient Alien

Drone shooting per History Channel

In addition to documentaries, aerial shots are useful in many other sectors, for example for commercials, in the automotive field, in tourism promotion, in the wellness field, after-movies and any type of visual and narrative communication to which you want. focus on impactful and professional images.

Abbazia Sacra San Michele

Ripresa Aerea Abbazia Sacra di San Michele

Over the years we have collaborated on various projects, for filming corporate and sporting events. We have dealt with documentaries, industrial or purely engineering and architectural videos, as well as commercials. Aerial shooting with drone relying on a team of professionals is an excellent opportunity to make a difference and stand out from the competition and we at Polaris Video Service have extensive experience behind us, being recognized ENAC operators specialized in critical areas, among the first in Italia to operate in this field, since 2014.

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